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Since our inception, our prime-focus as a Halal certification organisation remains unchanged; it has always been about you, our clients. Today, the story continues, even as we evolve to better meet your needs through our Halal services.

The steady increase in Halal consumers and their demand for your products, which should bear an authentic Halal logo, has position us at the forefront to serve you.


Halal Certification Europe is a pioneer in providing Halal certification for the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries.


Today, HCE has grown to become a leading Halal certifier with an international client base and a reputation for consistently providing market leading customer service.



HCE was established in 1992 with the aim of formalising the investigation and certification of Halal products. Almost three decades later HCE is at the forefront of the Halal sector, empowering organisations to connect to an international Halal consumer base of over 50 million Halal consumers in Europe and over 1.8 billion worldwide.

HCE clients benefit from access to global markets as HCE is recognised and approved by several Halal authorities including, but not limited to: JAKIM (Malaysia); GAC (Gulf Region); ESMA (Dubai); SFDA (Saudi Arabia); MUI (Indonesia); MUIS (Singapore), visit our accreditations page to learn more.



First internationally accredited Halal certifier in the UK

Halal consumers’ uncertainty in the early 1990s to what they could and could not consume was the primary reason for HCE’s inception. The organisation was set-up to bridge the knowledge gap between Halal requirements and the technical and scientific complexity of food production. HCE’s professional and scientific team contributed to a better understanding of Halal between producers and their Halal customers. Keeping our passion for Halal, we became the first internationally accredited certification body in the UK to promote Halal to companies and consumers alike.


Success through quality

As our expertise and experience grew, we found ourselves at the forefront of the growing Halal industry. Our superior customer service was, and still is, a crucial differentiator in helping HCE stand above the rest. Soon after, our client portfolio began to build, with businesses seeking our services as our Halal certificate and exceptional service combined began to deliver value-added results.


The Team was great! From the admin to the Technical to the auditors, everybody was very helpful, knowledgeable and very effective. Thank you for the good experience!

— Quality Manager, Pharmaceuticals


Honours from the British Royal Family

In 2008 the honour of OBE (Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) was bestowed upon our director, Dr Muhammad Raza (OBE), by the British Monarchy. This Royal honour was awarded to him in recognition of his years of tireless contribution to interfaith dialogue and to British society in general.


Multiple international accreditations: our commitment to global Halal compliance

Accreditation inspires customer confidence and removes export barriers, ensuring HCE’s Halal certification opens up new opportunities for you. In 2011, HCE was awarded accreditation from JAKIM (Malaysian government). This paved the way for HCE certified products to enter the Malaysian Halal market. Today, HCE has accreditations from several global authorities and governments worldwide. The numerous accreditations demonstrate that HCEs processes are trusted across the world.


Exporting further with HCE Halal certification

Our clients consist of top multinationals all the way to small scale family-run businesses who sell their products in Europe and worldwide. We are proud that our Halal certification empowers companies to meet their customer’s demands for Halal. And help more Halal products reach the market, providing consumers with more choices.
Our partner approach has been proven a huge success, making sure that our clients have a great experience with the services we offer.


HCE remains a Category 1 preferred supplier for us and please keep doing what you’re doing.

— Product Development Manager, Chemicals Manufacturer


Onward and upwards

Today, HCE has grown to become a leading Halal certifier with an international client base and a reputation for consistently providing market leading customer service with a focus on solution-driven, swift, informative, and value-added services.
As HCE moves onward and upwards, we leverage our rich history to define the bright future ahead for us.