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The Challenge

KLT Filtration Ltd makes Coldstream water filters and purifiers. The Coldstream brand offers a wide range of high-performance water filters to suit the rising worldwide demand for cleaner, better-tasting water.

With a growing demand for their products, KLT Filtration set its sight on exporting to Malaysia and Indonesia. However, to enable their water filters to penetrate these markets, they required a Halal certificate.

Malaysia and Indonesia have strict rules for Halal. It is a legal obligation in both countries to show compliance with Halal certification for products. To achieve Halal certification, KLT Filtration had to prove that the water passing through its products adhered to Halal requirements.

When it came to finding a provider, the client required a Halal certification agency based in the UK and with whom they could work with on a long term basis. That is how we came to help them achieve their goals.

The Solution

Upon learning about our client’s requirements, we presented them with the right solution to fit their needs.

One of our Halal specialists recommended the client follow the non-GSO certification route based on their needs. This route is ideal for companies looking to export their products into the Southeast Asia market.

We worked closely with the KLT Filtration team, ensuring they understood our procedures and provided us with all the necessary information required to start the certification process.

As soon as we received this information from our client, we commenced the certification process. Throughout the process, we maintained constant communication with the client, keeping them informed about the progress. KLT Filtration’s products received Halal certification within four weeks from the time of application.

The Outcome

KLT Filtration obtained several benefits from our Halal certification:

  • Halal compliance and ability to export their water filters to Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Acceptance of their products in these markets by consumers
  • Export to these markets now amounts to several hundred thousand water filters every year
  • Achieved a competitive edge and improved their business performance
  • Expanded the lifecycle of their products by being Halal certified
  • Allowed them to expand their market and achieve a robust financial gain through raising the demand for their products

Halal assurance through our certification, empowering KLT Filtration to build trust and brand loyalty with their Halal consumers

Why HCE?

We sought a UK based organisation to provide Halal certification for our products exported to Malaysia and Indonesia. Moreover, we needed an accredited Halal certification agency with extensive experience. And HCE met these criteria.

Working with HCE was a straight forward process. They clearly outlined their requirements, which resulted in us complying with them in an efficient and effective way.

Throughout audits, they have been easy to work with, and we have built a great working relationship with them. Also, the staff at HCE are thorough professionals and experts in the field of Halal.

Ultimately, we picked HCE as they were quick to help us accomplish our goals.

Stuart, Manager, KLT filtration Ltd