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Gaining Halal certification is a crucial step for businesses looking to export food, drink, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products to Malaysia, a country where Halal certification is vital for these products. This page serves as a guide for understanding the importance of Halal certification from an accredited certification body, the process of obtaining it, and how it can benefit your business in accessing the Malaysian market.

JAKIM Accreditation

Halal Certification Europe (HCE) is proud to be approved by JAKIM (Malaysian Government) and continues to hold this certification since first obtaining it over a decade ago.

Only products which have been approved by an accredited JAKIM certification body, such as HCE, can be sold as Halal in the Malaysian market.

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Halal Certification Process

Halal certification can be obtained through a simple five step process. For more information on the process visit our Halal Certification Process page.

Importance of Halal Certification

  • Market Access: Halal certification is your gateway to the Malaysian market and other Muslim-majority countries.
  • Consumer Trust: It builds trust with consumers who follow Halal dietary laws.
  • Competitive Advantage: Gain a competitive edge over businesses that do not have Halal certification.


HCE was established in 1992 and continues to serve businesses in the UK and Europe with their Halal certification needs. HCE is proud to be approved and accredited by a number of international governments and organisations. View our accreditations page for the full list.