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Halal certification

HCE’s Halal certificate assures that a product has been inspected and found to adhere to Islamic Laws. Hence, it is permissible for use by Halal consumers. Products that are Halal certified by HCE can use our powerful trademark Halal logo.

At HCE, we not only provide you with a comprehensive Halal certification, but we aim to make your certification journey as efficient as possible. Our highly qualified team stands ready to help and guide you at every step of your partnership with us.

Numerous global and governmental authorities recognise us. And over the years, we have certified diverse companies, enabling their products to enter the Halal market.


Importance of Halal Certification

Halal is an Arabic term which means lawful or permitted – it applies to any object or action that is permissible. Halal and Haram relate to all aspects of everyday life.

Modern processing and globalised markets make it increasingly difficult for Halal consumers to know how products are produced and if they are suitable for Halal use. A problem that is becoming ever more apparent, with Pew Research projecting that Halal consumers are one of the fastest growing consumer segments (3 Billion by 2060), as well as being a younger and more engaged consumer base. Halal certification helps consumers make informed decisions about the products they purchase. Many consumers only buy products bearing the Halal Logo. A point which was reiterated by the 2015 Dialrel report conducted by Cardiff University that stated: ‘Certification organisations are the key tool in opening up market possibilities’.

The demand from Halal consumers has led many countries to make Halal certification a legal requirement for imported goods. Today, Halal certification is essential for companies to succeed in the global market.

Advantages of Halal certification

The advantages of achieving Halal certification by partnering with HCE are colossal due to our expertise and experience in the Halal industry, having been in service since 1992.

You will also be partnering with a Halal certification agency that has earned accreditation from numerous international and government authorities.

The 9 indispensable advantages of HCE’s Halal certification to your company:

  • Return on Investment (ROI) – Provides a healthy financial return by expanding the appeal of your products to varied consumers.
  • Access to more markets and consumers, which assist you to increase sales. Nestle in Southeast Asia is a fine example of going Halal and the benefits it has achieved from that move.
  • Meet the requirements of the importing nation – If you are already exporting or planning to export, then our Halal certificate allows you to meet the import conditions of the importing nation. Read the import regulations for the GCC nations, Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • Influencing customers’ purchasing decision through the HCE Halal logo on your products
  • Stamp of approval – The Halal certificate indicates to your consumers a stamp of approval signifying clean, wholesome and superior quality due to rigorous checks throughout the production chain
  • Build brand loyalty and trust – by providing your customers with Halal certified products
  • Improve your overall marketing – the Halal certification adds an extra dimension to your overall marketing strategy, and it helps to improve your brand image, reputation and customers’ satisfaction
  • Accredited Halal certification – you are partnering with one of the best accredited Halal certification agencies in the world, equipped with qualified auditors and Halal experts, assuring fast turnaround times and exceptional service.
  • Expand the lifecycle of your products by getting them Halal certified

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If you have any questions about Halal certification, and how this will be an asset to your company, talk to us. One of our Halal specialists will help answer all your questions and set you on the right path for progress in your quest for Halal certification.

Exceeding your service expectations is what we strive to achieve.

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