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Halal Certification Europe (HCE) is a pioneer in providing Halal certification for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care, and chemical industries. In addition to certification, we provide expert training and offer insights into Halal standards. Trust us to help your business thrive in the global Halal market.


Halal Certification

HCE’s Halal certificate guarantees that the products have undergone a thorough inspection and comply with Islamic dietary laws. Products that are Halal certified by HCE can use the powerful trademarked HCE Halal logo.

Halal consumers’ demand has led some countries to make it a legal requirement that Halal imports are Halal certified by an approved Halal certification agency. HCE’s Halal certificate allows you meet these requirements.

To help you best if you’re exporting, we operate different certification schemes to cover the standards of different countries. Simply let us know where you’re looking to export and we will put you on the right scheme.

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Halal Standards

The HCE Halal Standards detail the guidelines for Halal production. The Standards have been established to outline the essential operational and Halal requirements to be in place within organisations seeking Halal certification. HCE certification against the Standards is recognised by international markets and is a necessary requirement in many regions for importing and exporting products.

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Halal Awareness Training

HCE’s Halal Awareness Training is a tailor-made training programme designed to equip key stakeholders with an in-depth understanding of what Halal is and the the requirements for Halal production. It provides them a clear approach to maintaining the Halal integrity of products.

The Halal training features Halal Critical Points (HCP) identification within the entire process chain. An effective Halal system reduces non-conformance to Halal requirements and offers consumers’ trust in your Halal products. The training includes all the resources to help integrate Halal with the current systems, including a Halal Assurance System (HAS) template manual.

This training is directed at organisations considering Halal certification or those seeking to improve their Halal system.

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