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SMIIC Scheme Fee Policy


The scope covers our policy for the SMIIC scheme (for Turkiye).

Logo Requirements

The HCE Halal logo is only applicable for use by HCE certified clients, in conjunction with the relevant scope.

According to OIC/SMIIC requirements, if the Halal logo is used on any associated packaging, advertisement, marketing, the certificate number must also accompany the logo. The certificate number relates to the Halal certificate reference number. In case of any doubt as to this requirement, please contact us.

Fee Structure and Definitions

Our prices are reviewed at least annually and are subject to amendment at any time.


Customers will be provided a quotation before work begins and are required to confirm their acceptance of the quotation within 14 days of the date of issue. Once work has started, the customer is deemed to have accepted the quotation and is committed to paying for the quoted quantity of effort and any expenses.

Although we will endeavor to carry out the job within the effort allowed by the quotation, we reserve the right to agree and bill for a different quantity if this is what is actually worked. Accordingly, it is in the customers’ interests to ensure that their records and evidence are of the agreed standard. Any nonconformities that are identified during an assessment will require additional effort, referred to as “Close out effort”, and therefore will result in additional charges. Quotations for “Close out effort” will usually be sent after the site visit when the effort required becomes known.

Payment Terms

For UK customers, our standard payment terms are 30 days from the date of the invoice, except where indicated that payment is required before any work is undertaken. We reserve the right to withdraw credit, (for example in cases of poor credit or payment history) in which case payment is required in advance of any work being undertaken.


The fee quotation may be updated, where it is reasonable to do, including in circumstances such as (but not limited to):

  • where the scope of the Halal certification as set out is changed during the course of the certification process
  • to allow for economic inflation that may be experienced from time to time.


There are various factors taken into consideration when calculating the fees for Halal certification, especially for SMIIC. They are:

  1. Number of HACCP plans
  2. Number of full-time employees
  3. Product category and number of product types
  4. Number of raw materials
  5. Number of production lines
  6. Plant size and Infrastructure
  7. Halal criticality/ complexity of the products and processes
  8. Initial Query and estimate costs = Free
  9. Application Submission Fee = £150
  10. Application Review = £150 / day
  11. Document Review = £200 / day
  12. Technical Audit Fee = £800 / day
  13. Minimum registration fee per product = £10 (based on number of products, similarity, Halal complexity and other factors listed above)
  14. Lab tests and other ancillary expenses will be charged at actual cost incurred by HCE (including any taxes payable).

For travel to the sites, travel expenses incurred will be charged in line with UK government guidelines.